6 Reasons Why Continuing Education Can Transform Your Career

Are you working in a competitive industry, with ambitious, techsavvy new graduates eyeing your corner office? Keeping abreast of new developments in your field is imperative. The rate of change in almost every industry is astounding, and you simply must understand how new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain are and will impact your business.

How do successful professionals in Ontario achieve their career goals and then remain relevant over time? They understand how beneficial continuing education can be, not only to advance their skills and gain qualifications, but to improve their lives across a range of personal and career aspects.

Here are 6 excellent reasons why you should leverage continuing education in your own professional life.

  1. Expand your network – Over the course of your career, you have already developed a network of associates, coworkers and employers. The new contacts you will make through continuing your education can expand this network exponentially. Perhaps you will connect with industry professionals who can mentor you on your career path, or those who can help you land a new position with the credentials you acquire while studying.

2. Improve time management – Juggling your current work and personal life with attending classes will undoubtedly be challenging, but your reward is an improved capacity to focus on what’s important. Developing this discipline will benefit your career, home life and can even help improve your health.

3. Remain competitive – It’s easy to feel contented and rest on your laurels if you have already achieved many of your career goals. Rapid changes in technology and aspiring rivals could leave you behind if you don’t work at keeping up with the evolution of your industry.

4. Earn more money – You make yourself more valuable as you gain knowledge, new skills and experience. Continuing your education offers a bona fide reason for you to ask for – and get – a higher salary. Studies consistently show that more education brings higher earnings in Ontario and across the country.

5. Gain qualifications – Allowing you to continue to climb that ladder or transition to a new, more promising or personally fulfilling career. Some jobs require re-certification, others demand that you achieve a certain level of education to progress. Maybe you are considering a career change but lack experience or the necessary qualifications to land a job in the field that interests you. Test yourself by taking classes to gain an understanding (or required certifications) in your potential new vocation. Doing so while still working keeps you safely grounded while you scope out new possibilities.

6. Role modeling – Part of being a leader in your profession and rising to the top of your chosen career path is modeling the behavior you want your associates and personnel to emulate. You will be a better leader if you develop specific skills such as supervisory methods and best practices, workplace conflict resolution and verbal / written business communication. Your organization will certainly benefit from a culture of consistent and continual education for all.

Ensure your progression along your chosen career path or investigate an exciting new occupation. Keep up with advances in technology so that you can compete with digital natives. Learn how to be a better leader and people manager. These are only a few of the benefits you can enjoy through continuing education. There are post-secondary institutions across Ontario offering diverse options, so explore yours, and make learning a lifetime commitment.