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Algoma U Advances Expansion Plans in Downtown Brampton to Address Growing Student Need

As the post-secondary sector continues to navigate the unprecedented challenges brought on by the current global pandemic, Algoma University continues to expand academic programming and student facilities in the “heart of...

Costs to go to University or College in Canada

Tuition, Room and Board fees – Create an Education Plan A post-secondary education is an investment in the future, but it comes with significant upfront costs.

Brock University: Augmented Reality Course Receives Top Award

Brock University’s new augmented reality (AR) marketing course has been internationally recognized. The one-of-a-kind course offered by the Goodman School of Business recently placed first in the...

How You Can Eat Healthy While at School

The Freshman 15 is a humorous term used to describe the weight gain many students face their first year at college. If you want to avoid packing on pounds, eat...
Student Perspective Globe and Mail

Student Perspective Inside The Globe And Mail

Student Perspective is an annual feature in The Globe and Mail showcasing Ontario's Colleges and Universities. Check out our features on how to plan during these uncertain times, online learning, and...

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