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Fanshawe’s student support program is Here for You

There are many “firsts” we experience throughout our lives. First step, first word, first day of school—they mark important milestones and there is often a great deal of anticipation and celebration surrounding these events. When...

Sheridan’s peer connections assist the educational journey

Sheridan’s Well Series is a program that helps students in the all-important transition through their first-year postsecondary experience Whether attending virtual, in-class or both, students can use online tools to help them get started as...
Durham College Bachelor of Health Care Technology Management Student Perspective Globe and Mail

A New Disruptor- Bachelor of Health Care Technology Management

Preparing health-care leaders who can harness disruptive tech. There was a time, not long ago, when the pace of change in health care was less dramatic and disruptive, and the turnover of medical technology was measured in...

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