Preparing health-care leaders who can harness disruptive tech.

There was a time, not long ago, when the pace of change in health care was less dramatic and disruptive, and the turnover of medical technology was measured in years.

Those days are gone.

An integration of technology, information and analytics is underway on a global scale; its momentum is inescapable and potential for better care unlimited.  Yet such unification is also causing health-care organizations to struggle.  Disruptive medical technologies – AI-embedded medical technology in particular – are game changers that will transform the sector.

While today’s health-care professionals are doing the best they can, the problem remains that the majority are not equipped with the professional experience or academic knowledge and training needed to navigate the complexity and far- reaching effects of their technology decisions.

Durham College BHCTM
This first degree of its kind in Canada will provide graduates with the comprehensive expertise in medical technologies, life sciences and business practices that employers are demanding. Help keep life-saving technologies available, effective and safe to improve patient care.

The reason why is simple: to date, the right specialist has not existed.

But take heart – a new type of health- care leader is on its way.

This September, the labs and classrooms at Durham College are welcoming the first cohort of students in the Honours Bachelor of Health Care Technology Management (BHCTM) program.  Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts and representatives from regional hospitals and health-care organizations, advocacy groups, non- profits and major medical equipment manufacturers, it is the first degree of its kind in Canada.

Yes, the first health-care technology management degree in Canada is being launched by a college.  It’s a perfect fit too, as Durham College is already home to Ontario’s leading Biomedical Engineering Technology program.  The BHCTM will produce the practitioners needed to fill the knowledge gap and lead the rapid, ever-evolving tech transformation of our health-care system.

The BHCTM addresses an identified need in the health-care sector for professionals with a diverse skill set that combines expertise in medical technology, life sciences and best practices for business.  Graduates will deliver quality, cost-effective health care by keeping life-saving technologies available, effective and safe.

The launch of the BHCTM program is the recognition of the coming reality.

It only makes sense that in the most disruptive period in the history of health care a specialist should exist who can guide their organization through such transformation, ensuring it reaps all the benefits technology has to offer.

This is the domain and role of the health-care technology manager and Durham College is thrilled to be part of the emergence of this entirely new discipline in health-care technology management.