Afraid of Making the “Wrong” Decision? Transfer Could be the Answer

Worried you might pick a program or school that ends up not being a good fit?

Don’t sweat it! You can always transfer to a new one. And the best part is, there’s a way to transfer without losing all your hard-earned credit.

Transfer helps students avoid feeling stuck in a program or school that isn’t the right fit, graduating with credentials they no longer want or need, or worse yet – enrolling and then dropping out or opting out of postsecondary altogether, despite a desire to attend.

How does Transfer work?

Put simply, transfer allows students to move from one program or school to another, and in many cases, apply the courses they took in their first program towards a new program so that they don’t have to start postsecondary from scratch.

Where can you transfer?

Ontario students have thousands of transfer options to choose from. Students studying in Ontario can transfer to/from any publicly assisted college, university or Indigenous Institute in the province.

How many students transfer?

There are 65,000+ transfer students in any given year in Ontario.

What are common reasons students transfer?
Program or learning environment is not a good fit
Mental health reasons
Campus culture is not a good fit
Personal interests or career goals change
Financial reasons (program or school is too expensive)
Familial obligations (e.g., move closer to home)

Where can you learn more about your transfer options?

Visit – Ontario’s Transfer & Pathways Guide!
This online guide helps students in Ontario:
1. Explore transfer & pathway options to/from programs or schools of choice
2. Understand how transfer works in Ontario
3. Determine the required steps to start their own transfer process

FACT: Over 175,00 students, guidance counsellors, and transfer staff used the guide last year and that number is growing!

Things to REMEMBER:
1. It’s ok to change your mind – especially about something as important as your postsecondary education.
2. If you change your mind, transfer allows your education to change with you.
3. is the go-to online guide for all things transfer in Ontario.

On behalf of the team, we wish you the best of luck in your postsecondary journey!