The last three years introduced changes to the classroom in ways we never imagined, but also created new opportunities to transform the way we learn. With labour shortages growing across many industries, Durham College’s (DC) market-driven programs are helping students lead the way as career-ready graduates with the skills required to face these demands head-on.


At DC, we understand the best way for students to learn and succeed is to experience the workforce first-hand.

Whether it’s learning from expert faculty members in state-of-the-art facilities or participating in interactive experiential learning – such as co-op, field placements or applied research – students at DC gain theoretical knowledge and real-world experience to help them pursue their ambitions and cultivate skills that appeal to employers.

The new Ontario Power Generation Centre for Skilled Trades is just one of the leading edge facilities available to DC students. This 60,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to industrial skilled trades training, innovation and education, which will allow DC to increase its capacity by 750 students and respond directly to the labour shortages taking place at the regional, provincial and national levels.

The construction industry is another thriving sector in need of new talent, with an estimated 118,000 new jobs to be created over the next 15 years. As a result, employers are looking for well-prepared graduates from relevant college programs – such as DC’s Honours Bachelor of Construction Management (HBCM) – to fill leadership positions in the construction industry and make meaningful contributions to Ontario’s economic future.

In addition to changing the way we learn, the pandemic also identified significant gaps in our health care system. In response, DC is pleased to offer multiple programs in a variety of formats – like the Practical Nursing weekend delivery option – to prepare tomorrow’s health care professionals and make transformative education more accessible.


DC is proud to have over 104,000 alumni representing the college, both locally and globally, with thousands more working towards their DC credentials.

Attuned to the market trends and connected to industry leaders, DC is dedicated to preparing the next generation of industry experts, so come graduation day, they can hit the ground running.

Connecting students with industry professionals early in their studies allows them to develop key relationships and learn about community initiatives they could get involved in, like the Access to Justice Hub. Through a partnership with the Durham Community Legal Aid Clinic, students in the Paralegal and Conflict Resolution and Mediation programs have the opportunity to work alongside legal professionals to support low-income populations – just one of the ways DC is raising the bar for our graduates.

So, as you consider your future, know your journey at DC will include access to campus events and services that inspire creativity, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and entrepreneurship to make your student experience unforgettable.

To learn more about Durham College and its market-driven programming, visit www.durhamcollege.ca/explore.