New Specialized Labs Ensure SLC Grads are Ready for their Future in Health Sciences

health sciences st lawrence college

With nearly one million dollars in donations to enhance its health sciences learning spaces, St. Lawrence College (SLC) will continue to educate and train the next generation of healthcare professionals in Eastern Ontario.

These upgrades in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall will facilitate advanced training and create realistic simulations for students in the health sciences field, providing specialized training and exposing students to realistic, specialty environments. Additionally, these labs will serve as valuable resources for upskilling and reskilling current healthcare professionals from Eastern Ontario and beyond.

Cornwall: The paramedic training facilities in Cornwall have undergone a significant transformation with $200,000 in donations. These funds, including $100,000 from an anonymous donor, $50,000 from NuMED Canada Inc., and $50,000 from the Tom and Gail Kaneb Family Foundation, will enable the creation of state-of-the-art labs equipped with video capture capabilities and simulated environments to prepare paramedics for various scenarios.

St Lawrence College apply nowBrockville: A generous $310,000 donation, comprising $200,000 from an anonymous donor, $100,000 from the Tom and Gail Kaneb Family Foundation, and $10,000 from the Don and Shirley Green Family Charitable Foundation, will fund a Specialty Nursing Lab at the Brockville campus. This lab will serve as a hub for advanced health sciences education in Eastern Ontario, facilitating the development of specialized curriculums in areas such as neonatal intensive care, post-anesthesia care, operating rooms, and emergency rooms.

Kingston: The William James Henderson Foundation has contributed $400,000 to establish a Specialty Nursing Lab at the Kingston campus. This lab will feature cutting-edge equipment and immersive, sensory learning experiences and it will be a center for students to practice responding to urgent and stressful situations in specialized healthcare settings.

“Each year, we welcome nearly 500 students to our Practical Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs across our three campuses, and another 70 in Paramedic, with over half of our programming in healthcare or related fields. We are committed to continuing to do our part to train and grow the next generation of the global healthcare workforce,” said Glenn Vollebregt, SLC President and CEO.

“The generosity of our local donors is inspiring and truly transformational, and will directly and positively impact the communities, families, and people our graduates will support in their careers.”

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