It’s Your Turn. Continuing education will help you reach your goals.

Many of our careers fall into two categories. We enjoy the sector of work we are in and want to continue to improve and advance or we are keen to investigate new options to move forward.

No matter what phase that you are at, there are options to develop the skills and knowledge you need to progress and move forward.

Continuing education might be the tool you consider while investing in yourself. Continuing education allows you to keep learning and developing by taking night, weekend or online courses. Many think they do not have the time to invest in continuing education.

Fortunately, continuing education opportunities have never been more available and accessible in Ontario. Take advantage of the information in these pages and the data available online to find out how you can better your career and find a more fulfilling and rewarding life. It’s your turn!

Continuing education faculties at Ontario Colleges and Universities are open to discuss your future. When you think about continuing education, consider these three categories:
• You know precisely what you need. A specific course that will help you advance your career. You will need to dig a bit deeper and search specific courses online to find out which curriculum, timing, locations and digital access will work best with your schedule.
• You have a good idea of a new career path or where you want to advance within your sector of work but need some guidance. Call, email or visit these fantastic Ontario Colleges or Universities and they will guide you in the proper direction.
• It would be best if you had a change. You want to turn your passion into a career or are looking to become a new entrepreneur but need help to guide you through your new career journey.

Continuing Education offices can help you do just that.

The demand for more online, in-class, or hybrid courses has made Ontario College and University continuing education programs accessible for certificate, degree or skills enhancement programs.

Are you looking for studies within health, technology, arts or literature? As more and more corporations look to challenge the status quo, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship factor in to the day to day operations.

Whether you are pursuing a higher level of education or exploring a new interest, courses are designed with your career and life aspirations in mind.

You can update your current skills or invest in new skills with flexible learning options.

Take your time, do your research, ask questions and prepare yourself to make that next step.

The beauty of continuing education is many courses launch monthly to accommodate your schedules and lifestyle. Time to take your career to the next level. Please visit for more information.