Top 10 Gadgets for New Students to Survive College

Every year, the month of September signifies the start of a new school year. For first time college students, it is the beginning of an exciting chapter into adulthood. However, with several unknowns on the horizon, preparing supplies that are necessary for academic success can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, a look through our brief guide will assist you with picking out the right gadgets for your needs and help you get the most out of your college experience.  

10 Useful Gadgets to Help New Students Survive their First Year at College

  •       Laptop: Relying on a laptop to take notes during class will help students keep up with professors and save time when converting these notes into school projects or papers. With several options available on the market, you can find a suitable device to fit your needs and budget.
  •       Laptop Lock: A laptop lock is an essential item for college-bound students. Safely leave your device unattended in the library or any public space on campus, during a coffee break, or those quick trips to the bathroom.
  •       External Hard Drive: Students spend countless hours taking notes and pouring over various school projects. An external hard drive is essential for backing up your files. Without it, you may unwillingly put hours of work in serious jeopardy if your hard drive fails or your computer gets lost or stolen.
  •       Smart Writing Notebook: If you are the kind of student who prefers to forgo a laptop in favour of writing down notes during class, invest in a smart writing notebook from Moleskine. After connecting this set to your device, your handwritten notes can be conveniently converted into digital text.
  •       Scientific Calculator: For budding scientists and mathematicians, getting through your college classes will be much easier with a graphing calculator. From finance to engineering, these instruments will help you navigate complex formulas and equations.
  •       Noise Cancelling Headphones: Depending on your method of study preferences, you can listen to your own soundtrack in the middle of a quiet library or tune out the noise in a crowded space with a pair of headphones. There is also a variety of headphone options available, including wireless, earbuds, or headsets.
  •       Wearable Tech: A smartwatch can help you keep track of your busy schedule and fitness routine. Sync the gadget to your Smartphone and use it to manage your eating and fitness habits, set reminders, send messages, play music, and more.
  •       Phone Battery Case: Keeping your phone charged at all times is essential for your safety on campus, especially if this is your first experience away from home. Even if you forget your wall charger at home, a phone battery case will keep your device protected while extending its battery life to get you through the day.
  •       Heated Travel Mug: Inevitably, there are days when students will run late to class. If you don’t have time to stop at the coffee shop on campus, brew your own batch and transport it using a heated travel mug. Save time and money, while ensuring that your beverage stays warm throughout the lecture.
  •       Reading Light: Chances are you and your roommate will operate on different schedules. If you find yourself working on an assignment late into the evening, a portable reading light will help keep the peace and allow you to work, even if your roommate has already shut off the lights.

Using Smart Technology to Help Students Succeed

Over the years, things have changed when it comes to attending a post secondary institution. Notebooks and pencils are no longer the most efficient way to organize lectures and schedules. Luckily, students can now use modern technology to their advantage. With these products, students are able to focus on multiple tasks and improve their performance in the classroom. Remember, the shopping list for new students is often extensive and the cost of electronic gadgets can quickly add up. To help save money, always inquire about student discounts.