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Mohawk College Students
Dialling into Data

Dialling into Analytics for Business Decision Making.

Mohawk College Students
Anand Nair and Anh Nguyen, Analytics for Business Decision Making students

Join the ranks of mid-career professionals harnessing the potential of data with the Analytics for Business Decision Making program—a comprehensive one-year post-graduate certificate. Designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools and skills, this program offers an executive-style curriculum that accommodates busy schedules.

Flexible Delivery: The certificate program caters to working professionals by providing a combination of face-to-face, self-directed, and live online courses. Sessions are scheduled during afternoons and evenings, allowing participants to balance their existing commitments.

Accessible to All: Prior programming or statistics experience is not required to enroll in the program. It aims to develop skills that are universally applicable across various industries.

Real-World Application: Students engage in practical projects, collaborating both individually and in teams, to extract meaningful insights from real businesses’ data. This hands-on experience enhances their proficiency in data analysis and interpretation.

Comprehensive Skill Development: Anand Nair, a program participant with a background in mechanical engineering and finance, emphasizes the program’s value in equipping learners with industrial tools for data modeling, structuring data streams, effective data analytics communication, and introductory programming skills in multiple languages.

Global Diversity: Students in the program come from diverse backgrounds, boasting a wide range of industry experience and representing various countries around the world.

Data-Driven Decision Making: An integral aspect of the program is its focus on mergers and acquisitions, highlighting the significance of data analytics in balancing financial numbers, profit and loss statements, and gaining a competitive advantage in these domains.

The Power of Predictive Modeling: Anh Nguyen, a participant with a background in human resources, expresses her fascination with predictive modeling and its ability to forecast future trends using data. She acknowledges the importance of data analytics in supporting evidence-based HR policies.

Practical Approach: Nguyen chose Mohawk’s graduate certification program due to its emphasis on practicality, hands-on learning, and project-based assignments. The curriculum balances technical proficiency, business acumen, and effective communication skills—essential competencies in today’s data-driven landscape.

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