Your path to Success: Seneca

Your Goals. Your Way.  You are unique. So is your path to success. Seneca can help you find it. Challenge Accepted.

You know when it’s time for a change.  Maybe you’re after a new credential or a new set of skills. Maybe it’s a whole new career.

You also know when that change comes, life doesn’t stop. Your family still needs you. You need to work. Bills have to be paid. Time is scarce.

Achieving a new goal takes hard work, good planning and a flexible academic program that meet your needs. That’s where Seneca comes in.

Seneca offers hundreds of programs and credentials, ranging from degrees and graduate certificates to diplomas and microcredentials. Whether it’s a short-term online course that builds on your previous knowledge and experience or a four-year degree that leads in a new direction, Seneca has an option that will work for you.


“Seneca was really flexible,” said Ann Varghese, a graduate of the Practical Nursing diploma program. “I didn’t want to give up my full-time job, and I have kids. Some of my classes were virtual, and the professors were really accommodating and encouraging.”

Seneca’s many program delivery options take distance out of the equation. You can learn from anywhere, during hours that work for you. Courses are delivered online, in person or a mix of the two. And you learn at your own pace. Parttime studies are available. So are accelerated options.

The choice is yours.

Plus, at Seneca, you join a community of thousands of students and professors who share your dedication to building a better future for everyone. You’ll meet people from around the world, of different ages and backgrounds — all with something to contribute, working towards their own goals. You will fit right in.

Seneca prepares you to accept the challenge of what will come next in your life … and your career. We offer a great polytechnic education that combines rigorous academics with practical training. You gain the knowledge and experience you’ll need to be successful now.

You also learn how to learn, which will benefit you down the road when you’re facing a new challenge and pursuing your next goal.

Kristal Moore is a double Seneca graduate, completing the Police Foundations diploma program then the Honours Bachelor of Crime & Intelligence Analysis degree program.

“My degree is the first of its kind in Ontario,” she said. “Being a part of the first graduating cohort was an incredible feeling, and the program prepared me for my career as a crime analyst.”

From health care to technology, business to creative arts, community services to science, you’ll find a program that matches your interests, your passion and your expertise.

Seneca’s dedicated professors have strong connections with industry, and we offer thousands of co-op and work placements that get you hands-on experience while connecting you with future employers.

Are you ready to achieve a new goal, your way? Seneca is ready to help you do it.

Our recruitment team is available when you are, with online advising and virtual events.

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