Building Trust through Exceptional Care: A Personal Support Worker’s Journey

Stephanie Maki, a graduate of Mohawk College, found her true calling in the field of personal support work (PSW) after exploring other career paths. She initially studied early childhood education but felt it wasn’t the right fit for her. Stephanie then enrolled in Mohawk’s Health, Wellness and Fitness program to gain a different perspective. However, she still felt something was missing. Intrigued by the PSW program, she decided to enroll and found it to be a perfect fit for her passion for helping people.

Mohawk’s one-year PSW certificate program provided Stephanie with the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in her chosen vocation. The program offered a combination of clinical knowledge, theory, and practical training through real-life simulations. It also emphasized the importance of understanding relevant regulations and legislation in the field of care.

Stephanie had the opportunity to complete her PSW certificate with a specialization in gerontology through a partnership with Schlegel Villages at their Wentworth Heights location. This partnership, known as the Living Classroom, created a unique learning environment where residents and team members became coaches and mentors for the students, enriching their learning experience.

During her clinical placement at The Village of Wentworth Heights, Stephanie found immense joy in providing care to the older population. After graduating from the program in 2018, she realized that working as a PSW was the right choice for her. Stephanie’s dedication and passion for her work caught the attention of Schlegel Villages, and she was offered a full-time position as a PSW shortly after completing her placement.

Stephanie’s work at Schlegel Villages has been recognized for her exceptional care and commitment. She recently received the “Earn Trust” award as part of the organization’s customer service success program. This award acknowledges her clear, genuine, and transparent approach in building authentic relationships with residents and their families.

Stephanie finds her job rewarding because she gets to be a part of her residents’ lives and considers them like family. She believes that patience, hard work, and compassion are essential qualities for anyone considering a career in personal support work. Despite the challenges, the smile on her residents’ faces makes it all worthwhile.

Stephanie’s story highlights the fulfillment that can be found in the field of personal support work, particularly when working in environments that prioritize authentic relationships and resident care.

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