The Origin of Knowledge: Unveiling the Power of Challenges

Mohawk College’s Digital Health degree program is combining computer science, healthcare, and business to create an integrated discipline. The program, which is the college’s first standalone degree, offers a multidisciplinary approach that includes research, applied learning, and placements.

One of the program’s students, Oluwafemi Agbeye, is particularly interested in the combination of programming and healthcare. Currently working as a support worker for individuals with developmental delays, Agbeye aspires to manage a healthcare business focused on software development in the future.

The field of digital health encompasses various areas such as data analysis for better treatment decisions, electronic health records, virtual patient visits, and remote patient monitoring. While the concept of digital health and the associated skillset may not be widely known at present, Agbeye is confident that his skills will be in high demand.

Originally from Nigeria, Agbeye had previously studied anatomical sciences and computer science in Caracas before moving to Canada. Initially enrolled in a personal support worker course in Toronto, he eventually decided to leverage his computer skills and joined Mohawk College to study Software Development. When the Digital Health program was introduced, Agbeye found it to be a perfect fit for his career goals of combining healthcare and IT.

The Digital Health program at Mohawk College is known for its challenging curriculum, which includes courses in software development, mobile development, user interface design, anatomy and physiology, patient safety, statistics, data analytics, telehealth, digital imaging, emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, and project management. Despite the demanding workload, student feedback about the program has been overwhelmingly positive, with students appreciating the combination of theoretical understanding and hands-on applied learning.

Overall, the Digital Health degree program at Mohawk College is preparing students like Agbeye to meet the growing demand in the field, offering a unique blend of computer science, healthcare, and business knowledge.

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