50 years of nursing at Mohawk College

50 years of nursing ay Mohawk College

Mohawk College celebrates its 50th year of nursing!

50 years of nursing ay Mohawk College

Alumni of nursing and current students meet in a Momentum Magazine conversation to share their experiences and shed light on the developing field of nursing. Jess Mills, a recent practical nursing student, and Jan Brimer, a 1970 nursing graduate, share their experiences and wisdom.

Jan Brimer, inspired by her grandmother’s nursing profession during the Spanish Influenza plague, embarked on her own nursing journey. After two decades at Joseph Brant Hospital, she transitioned to home care and continues to engage in nursing through consultations and private visits. Jan reminisces about the changes in nursing over the years, such as the introduction of intravenous administration and the increased recognition of nurses as integral members of the healthcare team.

Later in life, Jess Mills, a mother of five, pursued her nursing ambitions. Despite the challenges of studying online and homeschooling her children during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jess successfully completed her program and secured a position in complex and palliative care at Joseph Brant Hospital. She shares her initial hesitation in approaching experienced nurses and doctors but gained confidence through placements and emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance and asking questions.

Jan reflects on her early career, when she worked in the short-stay surgery ward and took care of many patients. She mentions developments in drug administration and the utilization of intravenous pumps. Jan emphasizes the significance of patient comfort and compassionate care during treatments.

 Jess talks about the problems she had as a nursing student, like having too much work and being afraid to talk to people who have experience in the healthcare industry. She expresses her desire to investigate various nursing avenues and acknowledges the significance of seeking guidance after overcoming these obstacles.

Jan hopes to become a specialist in complex and palliative care in the future, to embrace ongoing education, and to reject complacency. She advises Jess to explore different environments and career paths when feeling stuck, emphasizing self-care and the support of colleagues.


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