Why international students choose Mohawk College

Mohawk College, located in Ontario, Canada, is home to a vibrant and diverse student population, with international students comprising 30% of the campus community. These individuals bring their unique perspectives, knowledge, and experiences to the college, enriching the learning environment for all. In this article, we profile seven remarkable international students who have chosen Mohawk College as their academic destination.

Recognizing the significance of international students’ contributions, Mohawk College has established a range of support services tailored to their needs. With a team of market specialists, regional managers, and in-country representatives, the college offers guidance throughout the students’ journey. Additionally, career advisors, language supports, intercultural counselors, and student advisors are available to provide access and support. The Language and Culture Centre (LCC) serves as a home away from home, facilitating social connections, volunteer experiences, cultural events, and short-term ESL programs.

They provide an incredible example of resiliency and human spirit and courage. These students are making a significant investment in their future. They are giving up all that they know to come study with us. They have chosen Mohawk College for a reason, and we take that very seriously,” says Thea Laidman, Associate Vice President, International.”

This article takes a look at students who have moved from countries such as: the Philippines, India, Turkey, Columbia, Nigeria and Venezuela, and have made their home at Mohawk. Some of the programs these students enrolled into are, Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals,  Broadcasting – Television & Communications Media, Health, Wellness & Fitness, etc. These students are all varying in age and have made the journey to invest in their future and their education at Mohawk College. 

Take a look at the full article at momentum.mohawkcollege.ca, to read each student’s individual story and their experiences as an international Mohawk College student. 

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