Kicking it off with Mohawk College

The women’s soccer team at Mohawk College had a remarkable season last year, remaining undefeated in the regular season, a feat not achieved since 1998. However, their journey was cut short in the quarterfinals of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association, where they lost 1-0 to Durham College. Determined to go further this year, the team is setting its sights on reaching the championship and dominating regular season games.

With the majority of last year’s roster returning, the team is confident in their abilities. They have intensified their training regimen during the off-season, focusing on cardio and strength training, as well as participating in an indoor league. Coach Paul Giannini, a seasoned soccer coach with 20 years of experience, expresses his belief in the team’s potential, noting their motivation and dedication.

Giannini has placed emphasis on recruiting players from degree programs, particularly targeting nursing students at Mohawk College. Nursing students are known for their excellent time management skills, commitment, and focus, making them ideal candidates for the team. He appreciates their hard work both on and off the field, as they strive for success academically and athletically.

Lauren Snider, a recent Practical Nursing graduate, exemplifies the dedication required to balance playing both varsity soccer and basketball while managing demanding academic responsibilities. Snider praises the support she receives from both teams, which helps her maintain balance throughout the challenging seasons.

The team’s home games take place at Tim Hortons Field, making them the only college team to play on a professional field. The players consider this a privilege and believe it elevates their performance. The high-performance varsity model at Mohawk College aligns with the top-notch facilities, contributing to the team’s commitment to success.

Players such as midfielder Paige Epp and goalie Samantha DeHaan have garnered recognition for their outstanding performances, with DeHaan having to juggle her Nursing program with soccer responsibilities. Despite challenges, the team members prioritize supporting each other and strive never to let their teammates down.

Epp, initially unsure about continuing her soccer career, made the decision to join Mohawk College under Giannini’s guidance. She finds the environment both fun and competitive, ultimately affirming her choice to return to the sport.

With the team’s determination, talent, and supportive atmosphere, they aim to surpass their previous achievements. The players are eager to continue their unbeaten streak from the previous season and progress even further in the upcoming year.

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