Trades Management at Mohawk College

Mladen Ivankovic, student and Engineering Services Technician – Standards & Asset Management at Burlington Hydro

Mladen Ivankovic, student and Engineering Services Technician – Standards & Asset
Management at Burlington Hydro

Mohawk College, George Brown College, and Algonquin College have joined forces to introduce a new educational program called the Bachelor of Business Administration-Trades Management. This collaborative effort aims to provide individuals like Mladen Ivankovic with an opportunity to further their education and expand their career prospects within the trades industry.

Mladen first discovered the BBA-Trades program through a LinkedIn post and immediately felt drawn to its offerings. Intrigued, he reached out to a dean at Mohawk College and was granted admission to the program’s fourth semester in September 2022 based on his prior diploma.

The BBA-Trades program is designed as a degree completion program in conjunction with George Brown, Algonquin, and Mohawk colleges. Individuals who possess apprenticeship or journeyperson training, as well as those with trade-related diploma programs, are eligible for advanced standing in the program.

For Mladen, this program perfectly aligns with his career goals. He aspires to expand his skill set in project management, budgeting, and corporate finance to advance into a management role. The program focuses on various competencies required for success in the trades industry, including business administration, managerial skills, accounting, project management, leadership, communication, data analysis, and applied research.

Mladen praises the program for its excellent faculty, highlighting the advantage of having instructors from three different colleges. These instructors are industry experts who bring a broad range of knowledge and perspectives to the program.

Despite the program’s demanding nature, Mladen considers it both challenging and practical. He draws inspiration from his parents, who fled Serbia as refugees and faced the arduous task of rebuilding their lives in Canada. His mother, who studied at Mohawk College to become a registered nurse in Canada, serves as a role model for Mladen’s determination and work ethic.

Having previously worked at Ford, Mladen made the decision to pursue Electrical Engineering Technology at Mohawk College in 2018. He graduated from the program and subsequently worked for an electrical company and Burlington Hydro. Balancing a full-time job with his studies requires impeccable time management skills, and Mladen diligently devotes early mornings, evenings, and weekends to his education.

Mladen envisions his future path including an accelerated Master of Business Administration at McMaster University. He believes that the BBA-Trades program will provide him with a strong educational foundation to propel his career forward.

In conclusion, the Bachelor of Business Administration-Trades Management program offered by Mohawk College, George Brown College, and Algonquin College presents an exciting opportunity for individuals like Mladen Ivankovic to enhance their knowledge and skills in the trades industry. With dedication, perseverance, and the support of his parents, Mladen is determined to achieve his career goals and make the most of the opportunities available to him.

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