Mastering Digital Skills at Mohawk College

Ryan Tshiyoyo, a business student, has found his creative haven in Mohawk College’s Makerspace. Every day, he immerses himself in this innovative space, crafting new clothing pieces for the brand he established during his high school years. For Ryan, the Makerspace is more than just a workshop—it’s a source of solace and self-assurance.

Nestled within the Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation, the Makerspace is an integral part of the Digital Creativity Centre (DCC), offering a platform for exploration, learning, experimentation, and creation. It serves as a contemporary hub for acquiring digital skills, fostering collaboration, and facilitating experiential and applied learning. Students, faculty, and staff at Mohawk College have the privilege of accessing an impressive array of maker equipment within the Makerspace. Additionally, experts are on hand to provide personalized guidance through one-on-one sessions or group workshops, enabling individuals to navigate and master the tools at their disposal.

Situated in the sprawling 5,600-square-foot DCC, the Makerspace shares its home with cutting-edge facilities, including three 3D printers, a laser cutter, a Cricut machine, a vinyl cutter, a heat transfer machine, a UV printer, a cold roll laminator, a T-shirt press, as well as equipment for coding practice and digital device construction. The DCC further boasts a recording studio, an editing suite, an AV/VR studio, and project rooms equipped with whiteboards and large monitors.

Richard Mader, Manager of Digital Skills, envisions the DCC and Makerspace as launching pads for students to explore uncharted avenues of self-expression. The Makerspace not only facilitates fun and recreational projects but also inspires students to create meaningful works that resonate with their passions. The possibilities within the Makerspace are limitless, empowering individuals to stretch their creativity to new heights.

Students also utilize the Makerspace to work on class projects, amplifying their learning experiences and tapping into the center’s rich resources. Mohawk College recognizes its responsibility to equip students with the digital and technical skills demanded by the workforce of the future. Marilyn Powers, Director of Academic Technology in the Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation, emphasizes that supporting digital literacy and nurturing vital digital skills lie at the core of the institution’s mission. Employers seek candidates who exhibit digital creativity, making the DCC and Makerspace ideal spaces for students to cultivate and showcase their abilities.

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