Teamwork at Mohawk College’s Athletics and Recreation Department

Empowering Students and Enriching the Community

Alysson Claxton, student, Recreation Therapy

The Department of Athletics and Recreation at Mohawk College relies on the efforts of 150 individuals to ensure its smooth operation. Director Matt Ferreira emphasizes that their work extends beyond varsity athletics, as they employ nearly 100 students across various roles.

While the department has implemented a high-performance culture for varsity athletics, this mindset permeates all aspects of their operations. Student employees contribute to facilities management, intramurals, extramurals, and drop-in sports. They also broadcast games, write game-day stories, handle social media, set up for events, and serve as commentators, statisticians, and table staff.

Additionally, students work as team managers, assisting with team uniforms, equipment setup, and supporting coaching staff for the nine varsity teams. Mohawk College’s David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, plays a central role in their operations. Managing these facilities involves a team of 52 students who are responsible for checking in users, maintaining equipment, supporting leagues, and providing customer service during game days.

Ashley Mamone, the Facilities Supervisor, explains that their team interacts with students, athletes, faculty, staff, and community members who rent gym space. Their responsibilities include ensuring the smooth operation of all programs, both varsity and community-related. The environment is customer service-focused, and individuals interested in sports-centric careers find valuable opportunities within the department.

Alysson Claxton, a Recreation Therapy student, works as a Wellness Customer Experience Representative in the facilities department. She highlights the dynamic and busy nature of the Athletics department, expressing her enthusiasm for working in such an environment.

Overall, Mohawk College’s Athletics department relies on the dedication and teamwork of its employees, including students, to provide a range of services and support to varsity teams, facility users, and the broader community.


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